If you are having a tough day and could use a heartwarming story…

I was working on a blog post about the role of religion in advance care planning but I had to put that on hold and share this story with you.  This is an interview with Dr. Haider Warriach about his recent book Modern Death.   The interview is conducted by Terry Gross of Fresh Air, so you know it is going to be good.

Between the 19 and 26 minute mark Dr. Warriach talks about advance care planning and the importance of understanding how a patient defines a good quality of life. He points out that it is often easier for a patient to imagine and explain their values rather than specific medical treatments.

This point is really driven home by the heart warming story at the 23 minute mark about an ICU patient that wanted to live to see her daughters wedding.  It only lasts for about 2 minutes but it is well worth your time: