An ‘End-of-Life’ Tool or a ‘Better Life’ Tool?

In December Peter Mitchell gave a great talk at the National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine conference. The purpose of his talk was to walk people through the design process he undertook for creating a better advance care planning tool. I particularly liked his talk because it was the same process and conclusion we came to when we designed My Living Voice, he just says it in a much better way than I ever have.

Peter’s research showed that nobody really wanted a better advance care planning tool, what they wanted was a better life tool. When people are in the middle of a disease what they really want is a better, more candid, relationship with their doctor.  All of this led him to design the Trust Card, which is a note from the patient to the doctor that is meant to increase the communication between both parties.

For those of you who have been through the My Living Voice site you know that we have been following this philosophy for some time, we start the conversations by helping the patients tell the physician how they want to communicate and how they like to make decisions.

Listen to Peter’s talk here. I think you will find he does a great job of articulating some problems that you have all seen in your practice and some practical advice on how to overcome those problems