Our Top Conversation Starters To Communicate Your Wishes With Others

As stated in our previous blog post “For advance care planning to be effective, you need to discuss your wishes and share your documents and values with your family, friends, doctors, and others who can help make sure that your wishes are followed.” Communication is key.

Starting that conversation can seem daunting, but fear not! We have a few example conversation starters that can help, no matter what situation you are in.

Read them below, or select the images to hear the audio:

Conversation Starter1 "I was thinking about a story of a woman I heard on TV. Her family didn't know if she wanted to have a feeding tube or not, and this led to all kinds of disagreements within the family. I want to make sure you know what I want, and don't want, so we are clear about my wishes."
Conversation Starter1 "Because I have medical problems, I want to make sure that I'm prepared. So I created an advance directive and I'd like to talk with you about it. Is now a good time?"
Conversation Starter1 "I want to talk with you about the kind of medical care I would want if I couldn't speak for myself. When would you have time to sit down with me?"
Conversation Starter1 "My doctor says I need to make sure my loved ones know what I would want in case something serious happens to me. Do you feel comfortable having this discussion?"

Now is the time to have these important conversation. Remember, unless you express your values and preferences, others can only guess what your wishes will be.