When it comes to end-of-life care, you're forgetting someone important!

There is typically one person often neglected in your busy lives... Someone who is essential to your daily tasks, well being, and happiness... Yourself!

With being busy with your daily routines, earning a living, providing for your family and loves ones, it is easy to not think about or prepare for your future. You spend all this time providing and caring for others, but you're forgetting about someone important... you!

Two weeks ago I came across an article by Jessica Zitter, MD called “An intensive care doctor advises how to soothe the senses of a dying loved one” Even now, weeks later, that article still resonates with me.

When you're born, safety measures are taken, finances are lined up, everyone is (mostly) prepared to bring a new life into the world. Why don't we take the same care and precautions when we exit the world?!?

We prepare for so many things in our lifetime, yet we forget about the ending. Sure, it can be upsetting or difficult to think about. But wouldn’t you rather it be upsetting to you for an hour to think about, rather than your loved ones who could be constantly guessing and second guessing themselves if the decisions they made for you were what you wanted?

What if, tomorrow, something happened to you and you couldn’t speak for yourself. Imagine a scenario where your family and loved ones are sitting around you and discussing, or even arguing about, what you would want in this situation.

What can you do today to help prepare them?

Make an advance directive.

Write down what you would and wouldn’t want if something were to happen to you and you couldn’t speak on your own. Take the guess work out of the decision making process for your loved ones. Give them the peace of mind knowing that they are making the best decisions and most importantly, the decisions that you wanted.

Be detailed…

Be aware of and document what your values and preferences are for end-of-life care. Do you want to be at home? Do you want them to sit with you and tell you their favorite stories? Crack jokes? Would you rather be alone and peaceful….

Tell your loved ones…

Often the hardest step is communicating those wishes to your loved ones. Sit them down and have an open conversation letting them know that you are doing this so that your wishes are followed and to help ease the burden on them when the time comes. They will thank you later.

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